Stress Management for Teachers Workshop

Do you find your job satisfying, or do you dread returning to work after a weekend or holiday?

Are you struggling to cope with the paperwork and the demands of the job?

Would you like more support for yourself?

Stress is making some teachers ill.

The number of teachers taking time off for stress has increased by 10% over the last four years, with 15 local authorities seeing a 50% rise in stress-related absences. (The Guardian Dec 2012)

Many teachers are stressed because although teaching is a deeply rewarding profession it can also be very challenging at times. Over the course of a long career this can heavily impact on their professional and personal lives, denying them the satisfaction and fulfillment they deserve.

How can I help you?

With a career spanning nearly 40 years in education, both mainstream and special schools and currently in post, I can say ‘I’ve been there and I am still there!’

I understand the culture of schools and the dynamics within a department. The constant pressure to keep up with new initiatives and the resulting workload. Needing to feel valued and supported and feeling confident to express your opinions. Don’t wait until you are completely burnt out before seeking help, so that you can put a stress management strategy in place.

Find out more about how I can help you.

I can help you to gain clarity. First of all, to define and understand the causes of stress and how to recognise stress in yourself and others.

Together, we will identify your own particular stressors—from the outside and the inside, then work together to create your own blueprint for recovery.

This may include:

  • Relaxation and Wellbeing Techniques
  • Writing for Emotional Release
  • Creating a Better Work/Life Balance
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting and other skills

The number of teachers suffering from stress and burn out is increasing and this is well documented in the press.

I am offering a 3 hour Workshop to help Teachers to identify their stress signature, create awareness and develop a number of techniques to self manage and tackle the effects of increased workload, anxiety and stress in the workplace.

Ideally this Workshop is designed for Schools to enable their staff to be more productive as well as support and promote the wellbeing of their Teachers.

Benefits of Stress Management Coaching:

  • Improved focus and performance
  • Ability to deal with stress and pressure
  • Increased health and resilience
  • Gain more energy
  • Increased inspiration and creativity
  • Ability to take control


The stress management workshop covers:

  • The benefits of Stress Management
  • A look at your own coping strategies
  • Successful Stress Management strategies
  • Daily Stress Management activities
  • Taking action
  • Question and answer session


Workshop details:

This is a 3 hour Workshop (morning or afternoon) – Please contact me for the price per person for the Workshop (6-10 participants).
Includes refreshments (tea/coffee/biscuits) and course materials.
Location provided by School. Dates to be confirmed.