Stress Management for Teachers Workshop

The number of teachers suffering from stress and burn out is increasing and this is well documented in the press.

I am currently working with Schools to offer my signature Stress Management for Teachers Workshop.

This is a 4 hour Workshop divided in two sessions to help Teachers to identify their stress signature, create awareness and develop a number of techniques to self-manage and handle the effects of increased workload, anxiety and stress in the workplace.

This practical and experiential Workshop equips teachers with the tools to develop greater resilience and creativity.

Outcomes of the Workshop:

  • Reduced staff illness
  • Improved staff morale
  • Reduced costs of supply teaching
  • Productive & well supported staff
  • Increased wellbeing of teachers
  • Improved student resilience
  • Improved student attainment
  • Better relationships in schools


Workshop details:

This is a 4 hour Workshop spread over two sessions with reflective written exercises assigned between sessions.

Please contact me for the price for the Workshop (maximum of 10 participants per session).
Location provided by School. Dates to be agreed on application.