Meditation and Mindfulness for the Elderly


As a Meditation Teacher and being a Dementia Champion, I am very passionate about helping the elderly. I am currently running a series of Relaxation and Mindfulness workshops on behalf of ACTION FOR BOW COMMUNITY held at Age UK, East London.

It is interesting to see that people in later life really appreciate learning about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and how it can help them.

What are the benefits of meditation?

“The Mental Health Foundation supports mindfulness as a tool to help you live your life, improve general wellbeing and treat depression. Evidence shows that it can help with a number of problems, such as recurrent depression, anxiety disorders, addictive behaviour, chronic pain and many more mental and physical problems.

NICE, the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, has recommended that Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy is an option offered to prevent relapse for people who are currently well but who have experienced recurrent depression. Your GP would need to decide if the therapy is suitable for your situation before offering access to the treatment.

Meditation is also recommended by Cancer Research UK as a popular and useful form of complementary therapy, because it can help people with cancer cope with problems such as pain, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, feeling sick and high blood pressure”. Age UK

Meditation and Relaxation Workshops        

  • The benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  • The science behind meditation
  • A look at your own relaxation strategies
  • Preparation tips for meditation
  • Daily breathing exercises
  • 3 simple meditation techniques to re-energise the mind
  • Alpha music to aid deep relaxation
  • 10 minute meditation
  • Question and answer session


I am also looking to provide this service to private care homes and other organisations that specialise in elderly care.

If this is of interest to you – then please contact me to find out how I can help you, fees and the structure of the coaching.

In addition, I also offer the following Workshops that help those in later life – click on the links below to see details and book: