What others are saying about me:

I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit personally from Annette;s wellness and well being support for almost a decade. She offers practical ways to integrate mindfulness, wellness and well being approaches into busy professional and personal lives of people over 50. Annette is highly skilled in facilitating/coaching people over 50 in dealing with competing and conflicting individual, work and family demands enhancing their resilience, resourcefulness and mindset. She blends her teaching and facilitation knowledge well to create high impact open courses and corporate training programmes that ensure people enjoy the learning experience and continue to use what they have learned beyond it. Annette’s vitality, life experiences, qualifications, compassion and resourcefulness, partnered with in-depth stress management, mindfulness and facilitation expertise make her an invaluable coach for people over 50 seeking success in the areas of Third Age Renewal, Mid Life Stress Management, and Life Planning. (Amechi Udo)

Annette, is passionate about making changes in people’s life especially those over 50. Annette, has bundles of transferable skills in which she creatively blends them into amazing 1:1 coaching bespoke packages which touches you at your point of pain, in order to help you realise and release your blockages. Annette, is very much into alternative therapy, she is warm, friendly, nurturing and focused on positive change. I would recommend her to others. She is amazing! (J. Brown)

Annette is wonderful to work with. She has shown me the benefits to being mindful and setting up daily practices. She is very warm, calm and experienced and has a persona that puts you to ease. Her ability to listen and understand makes it possible for her to ask penetrating questions to create a honest dialogue that produces positive results. I met her when I didn’t even realise that anything was missing in my life but she has shown me how to look within and have clarity about the direction of my life. (S Gupta)

I really enjoyed Annette’s session as it reminded me of the importance and necessity of daily meditation. The environment was both calm, peaceful and one that encouraged positive participation. I recommend it for anyone looking for structure and make meaningful improvements to their lives. (OJ)

Hi Annette, it was good to join you with my friend who enjoyed the session too. A really nice group pf people who were open and frank which was very encouraging as well as relaxing. (Barbara)

Just to let you know that I attended Annette’s workshop today on Meditation & Stress. Great session where I have left feeling relaxed and calm. Looking forward to the next one. (Deborah)

Annette’s Workshop was 100%. Left there feeling calm and collective. Thank you Annette for a great session. (Sonia)

Hi Annette, Thank you for the wonderful experience at the Meditation and Life Mastery Workshop on the 31st March 2018. The breathing / meditation exercises have been very helpful. I’m particularly pleased with the difference it has made to the managing stress at work. It is amazing. I have also been able to use it during the day instead of reaching out for a cup of coffee. Look forward to seeing you at the next Workshop. (MJ)

Workshop was a very nice and relaxed atmosphere and surrounding. Nice set of people from different backgrounds. Meditation was my highlight as I was able to relax my mind and body. Would recommend this workshop to others. So looking forward to the next workshop.

Thank you for the Wellbeing Coaching Session. I found the meeting very interesting in understanding Mindfulness and will definitely try the breathing exercises the next time I feel under stress; I did find the experience very useful.